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Labial Puff

Labial Augmentation with Filler

A labial puff treats labia majora (outer lips) that have lost volume. Patients often complain of a “deflated” appearance to the outer lips. Hormonal changes, childbirth, weight fluctuations can all lead to changes in the appearance of the outer lips. With the injection of hyaluronic based dermal fillers into the labia majora, the volume of the labia is restored. The tissue appears healthy, hydrated and youthful. This procedure takes 20-30 minutes and the results are immediate and lasting.

Individuals that:

  • Notice loss of volume or sagging appearance of the labia majora (outer lips)
  • Desire a labia majora that appears full and smooth
  • Have asymmetric labia majora
  • Want to conceal prominent labia minora (inner lips)

Labial puff is a nonsurgical option that is minimally invasive with little down-time. A topical anesthetic as well as local anesthetic is applied to decrease discomfort during the filler injections.  The procedure takes anywhere between 10-20 minutes.

After the numbing cream and local anesthesia is applied, Dr. Taghechian injects the filler into the labia majora. There may be minor swelling, but very little downtime. You should avoid direct direct pressure to the labia as much as possible for 2-3 days afterwards.

The risks include bleeding, bruising, swelling, tenderness, and inadequate results. There may be lumps or uneven skin at the injection site. The majority of the swelling will subside within 2-3 days and some bruises can last for 5-7 days.

As with all fillers, results will vary depending on each person’s body and how their metabolism functions. Results will typically last approximately 9-12 months before a touch-up of additional filler is needed.

Costs will vary based on the specific treatment needed and the individual needs of the patient. All costs will be discussed prior to treatment during your personal consultation at Aayla Sexual Wellness and Aesthetics.