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How Ozempic® / Wegovy® and Mounjaro™ / Zepbound™ Can Affect Your Labia

By now, we have all heard of the “miracle weight loss drugs” that have taken the world by storm. While these drugs aren’t new, their indication for weight loss is, and with it comes the need for some meaningful discussions about risks and considerations. For this article, we will discuss how these weight loss medications may affect the vulvar area and, as an extension, the labia. However, before we dive deeper, it’s essential to understand precisely what these medications are.

Weight Loss Medications 101

Early in the weight loss craze, you probably only heard about Ozempic and Mounjaro. These are medications developed by Novo Nordisk and Lilly, respectively, for type 2 diabetes. Indeed, these medications were highly effective for their original indications, and it became apparent that they also provided excellent and sustained weight loss. With that knowledge, both companies developed a more potent version of their diabetes medications, and both were recently approved to treat weight loss. Wegovy and Zepbound, siblings of Ozempic and Mounjaro, respectively, have hit the market and are breaking sales records across the United States and the world. Costs topping $1000 per month without insurance or financial assistance also represent an exceptional financial burden on many patients. However, this may change sometime in the future, as Wegovy was also recently approved for cardiovascular indications.

While the medications work very well in helping patients lose upwards of 15 to 20% of their body weight, they do come with some significant concerns, many of which revolve around how little a patient will eat after they start their medication regimen. This exceptional and rapid weight loss does have consequences, including the deflation of the vaginal lips, known as the labia. Why? Just as other fat areas shrink as weight is lost, the same occurs “down there.” Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent or predict this. All we do know is that the results can be aesthetically or physically bothersome.

What Are the Corrective Options?

It’s essential to have a conversation with a knowledgeable urologist and female sexual wellness specialist like Dr. Taghechian. Her expertise in cosmetic gynecology can help you understand your options, which are usually straightforward. If the deflation of the vaginal lips creates an elongated or hanging labia minora, the answer is the possibility of a non-surgical labiaplasty for patients with minor changes and a surgical labiaplasty for those needing more tissue removed. Labiaplasties are very straightforward and minimally invasive, and the recovery is not hard. Of course, surgical results are significantly more apparent than their non-surgical counterparts.

Dr. T. also provides what is known as a labial puff for patients who do not have larger labia majora and are not candidates for surgical intervention. A labial puff involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler into the labia (much like what we inject into the face during cosmetic procedures) to puff up the labia and restore some of that fullness. Not only does it create a more pleasing aesthetic, but it can also enhance a patient’s sex life and pleasure during intercourse. With modern fillers, we typically see patients enjoying the results of their labial puff for upwards of a year. Further, this can be repeated. Some evidence shows that regular hyaluronic acid injections build upon one another and may require fewer periodic injections in the future.

What’s Next

For patients taking Ozempic / Wegovy or Mounjaro / Zepbound, it’s essential to understand that you must maintain your protein intake and stay hydrated. This is not only for the appearance of your sexual organs but also for the continued health of your body and mind. Also, look for any deflation of the genital area as you lose weight.

Most importantly, while speaking to an intimate aesthetic specialist now (and there’s plenty we can do early), it’s a good idea to wait for a surgical procedure until your weight has plateaued. Additional weight loss will likely cause deflation and changes in the labia over time.

We look forward to seeing you at your consultation and assisting you with any questions you may have about this or any sexual or urinary concerns.