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Why Dr. Taghechian Uses Forma V & Morpheus 8V for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Let us tell you about the genius of Forma V and Morpheus 8v. We fall in love with this technology more and more every day. As we get older, changes take place within our vaginas and vulvas, whether we want it to or not! In addition to having babies, genetics, gravity, and weight fluctuations, we also lose estrogen, which results in vaginal thinning and decreased lubrication. The vaginal wall goes from being thick and plump with mucosal folds that allow expansion and contraction into thin, smooth, brittle, unforgiving, and easily injured tissue. This, in turn, makes us have pain, burning, tearing, and itching in the vagina.

We go from feeling pleasure with intimacy to pain with sex! Which can then lead to low libido and avoidance of intimacy.

As we lose estrogen, the pH of the vagina changes, going from a protective, acidic pH that keeps vaginal bacteria in check and supports lactobacillus to a basic pH that allows all kinds of bacteria to flourish. This then leads to repeat bacterial and fungal infections of the vagina and recurrent UTIs.

This is where the genius of FormaV and Morpheus8v come in. We have found that with the delivery of radiofrequency energy superficially and deep into the vaginal tissue, we can revert the vaginal tissue to the way it was before we lost that estrogen and before our tissues got stretched out with birthing babies, weight fluctuations, and gravity.

Building Up Vaginal Tissue

Under the microscope, we can see that the vaginal lining goes from being one cell layer thick to being multiple layers thick with beautiful folds and healthy, plump cells! With healthy cells comes lubricating moisture. This means, in most cases, no more burning vagina, no more pelvic pain, no more pain with intercourse!

Restoring Proper PH

With healthy cells comes a healthy, acidic vaginal pH, which means recurrent vaginal and bacterial infections are less likely to occur.

Reducing the Symptoms of Incontinence

With increased collagen and elastin deposition comes more support of the vaginal walls, which translates into prevention and treatment of stress incontinence (urinary leakage with coughing, sneezing, exercise). It also means reduced vaginal laxity!

Preventing Overactive Bladder

Radiofrequency also has a neuromodulating effect on the nerves of the bladder, which means that we can treat and prevent overactive bladder and leakage of urine with urgency.
I want to shout all this out from the rooftops. All women should be undergoing Morpheus 8v and Forma V treatments routinely! Why do we have to wait until something is broken to fix it?

  • We can use this technology for prevention,
  • We can use it after childbirth to recover more quickly and
  • We can use this technology before we hit menopause so that we don’t suffer the vaginal symptoms that come with it.

Please don’t take my word for it; see all the benefits Aayla’s clients enjoy. Schedule a consult for more information.