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The Top Benefits of Labiaplasty
(And why you may not need one)

I’ve spent a good deal of my urological career speaking to my female patients about their sexual health. Mind you, I also work with men in my urological practice. For whatever reason, when sexual dysfunction or other issues of intimate concern arise in my male patients, they feel very comfortable discussing and treating it. On the other hand, my female patients often think that addressing their sexual problems is somehow taboo. I believe this is a result of the marketing you see online for male sexual health. It’s so common that it has quite literally been normalized in casual discussion.

When Was the Last Time You Saw an Ad to Help a Female Patient Through Her Sexual Needs?

It’s also worth noting that only about 10% of urologists are female. You can imagine, and I certainly can’t blame them, the average male urologist is going to have a tough time discussing female sexual health either because of a lack of knowledge or some awkwardness. I’m hoping to change all that with an honest discussion about female sexual health, and today, we’ll be going through the benefits of surgical labiaplasty and non-surgical labiaplasty – shrinking the appearance of the labia minora or inner folds of the vulva.

Why the Labia Increase in Size

It’s essential to understand why we have this concern in the first place, and there’s nothing nefarious or embarrassing about it. Whether due to childbirth, simple age and gravity, or genetics, the labia minora can start to sag and protrude. There is no telling who will experience these effects; for many women, there’s minimal noticeable change. For this article, we want to focus on the women who struggle with the size of their labia, causing them embarrassment, impediments in their sex life, and even challenges in wearing certain clothes or performing various activities.

The Top Benefits of a Labiaplasty

As we get into the benefits of a labiaplasty, the decision to have one should not be based on any advertising you see but on how you feel. It’s also important to note that some of my patients do not need a labiaplasty, and their concern may be more a result of confidence or lack thereof. These are all questions and concerns that we will discuss during the consultation.

With that, let’s jump into the benefits of a labiaplasty for patients who genuinely need one.

First and very much on the top of my mind as a urologist is the question of hygiene. Enlarged labia can cause several potential concerns stemming from impaired urologic function. Some women with large labia minora are not able to urinate correctly. The excessive folds and size of the labia can impede the flow of urine and even cause problematic accidents.

Large labia can also increase the risk of urinary tract infections, UTIs, and yeast infections. The excess tissue, as you can imagine, can trap bacteria and increase the risk of it traveling up the vaginal canal or the urethra.

Confidence in the Bedroom

Whether you’ve been married for 20 years or you’re still on the dating scene, sexual confidence can affect your performance with your partner, but it can also affect every other part of your life. Even the most confident women can be pulled down a notch in their intimate lives. Increasing sexual confidence can be a boon to your social life, too – this is especially true for our middle-aged patients, some of whom may find themselves newly single and returning to the dating scene.

Improving the Sexual Experience

When we perform a labiaplasty, we often remove we remove skin folds that impede ideal sexual pleasure. These folds of skin can chafe sensitive areas in and around the vulva. In the same vein, when the clitoris is more exposed, you may experience greater pleasure. A clitoral hood reduction is often performed alongside a surgical labiaplasty.

How Clothing Fits

Many of my patients had previously resigned themselves to wearing loose, baggy clothing, often even to formal events, much to their dismay. Excess labial skin can often be seen through fitted clothing, including bathing suits, yoga outfits, and tight dresses. You can imagine how this could impede the patient’s social life. Watching a labiaplasty patient enjoy wearing certain clothes we often take for granted is fantastic.

Every Day Comfort

Any excess skin, no matter the cause or the area, can be uncomfortable as it rubs or chafes against other skin and clothing. Many patients are limited in exercise or athletic pursuits because it hurts too much. I see this problem far too often, but thankfully, it is something that can be addressed.

When I Ask My Patients to Reconsider a Labiaplasty

In today’s world, the flip side is that we’ve seen an overemphasis on how we look and the extent to which we should change our appearance. While we are all chasing a youthful look well into middle age, and there’s nothing wrong with that, there is a point at which it becomes excessive. Occasionally, I encounter a patient with imperfect labia, but there’s little reason and benefit to improve their appearance further. I will have a straightforward and honest conversation with them, asking them to reconsider the surgery or possibly consider a scarless labiaplasty. Remember, we are neither perfect nor should we be, so embrace or ignore some of your perceived flaws while addressing the ones that truly matter.

I also talk to my patients about who they are doing this for. Are they concerned that their husband or partner does not like the look of their labia, and maybe that’s one of the reasons why they are not as intimate as they once were? Is that true, or is there something deeper in the relationship at play? Either way, a labiaplasty should be chosen because you want it, not what you perceive others think or want.

I occasionally ask my patients to go home and have a sincere and candid conversation with their partner to understand if a labiaplasty is what’s needed to make their sex life better. If both partners agree, excellent! If not, think long and hard.

Ultimately, having a labiaplasty is a very personal and important decision. I look forward to having that honest conversation with you, and we can decide together if a labiaplasty or any other aesthetic sexual procedure is right for you.